Monday, January 26, 2009

Bling, Bens, Bike

Two years after the divorce, I sold my engage- ment ring, bought a used mountain bike, and set out for a bicycle tour of northeast Tanzania. Diamonds weren’t forever. The platinum also passed. And so I wanted to invest in something more enduring: experience.

Selling my besmirched merch took more than a year, as the market for used engagement rings is about as hopping as turtles in a tar pit. But eventually Craigslist revealed a buyer—a lawyer of the reduce/reuse/recycle set.

We met at a bank. He paid in cash. I hadn’t predicted the awesomeness of seeing so many Ben Franklins at once, and so all I had on hand to document the moment was my craptastic cell phone. Hence this classy snap, “Bens for Bling.”

I also hadn’t prepared myself for the small gasp of sadness in my heart when I parted with the last vestige of my married life. The feeling passed, however, when my beaming buyer turned to me and said, “Can I hug you?” I had not anticipated the tonic of his joy.

That night he proposed to his girlfriend, who promptly accepted.

The next day, flush with cash, I reserved my spot on the International Bicycle Fund's "Tanzania Surf to Summit" tour, prowled for used mountain bikes on Craigslist, and started over, all over again.


Welcome to Outer space said...

You really are a great writer. Africa sounds awesome and everything but this post was my favorite. Life isn't all that, but it kind of works out, no? Have a great time!

FamilyPetJax said...

Go Girl !
Your mom sent us your blog site.
Had I known you were going, I would have thought of some poignant gift. Like a bag full of anti-virals.
Ed and Jean

Lisa Sibley said...

Had to read this for myself. Love it! Sending hugs, my friend.